"Taylor's decision to blaze new trails across what might otherwise seem inhospitable improvisatory environs deserves accolades for courage alone. The reality that he's found gold in them thar hills almost seems like a bonus"

-All About Jazz, -Derek Taylor

The David Taylor Trio produced its first CD- Doppelganger- in 2002. Joining Dave on the CD are Jay Rosen (drums) and Dominic Duval (bass). The album includes compositions and arrangements by Shubert, Bach, Taylor, Duval, and Rosen. CIMP released the work. Click for purchasing information.


Words Within Music
features Daniel Schnyder and Kenny Drew Jr. The trio was founded in 1966 with the intention to play a wide repertorie of chamber music as well as jazz-related music. Besides original compositions (e.g. Sonata for bass Trombone, Sonata for Saxophone) the trio has specialized in adapting chamber works (and vocal music in particular) for aesthetically new interpretations.

"The wildly eclectic bass trombonist David Taylor is also present... and Taylor's trombone- an inrresistibly personal voice- is a consistent highlight. An intriguing interface of jazz and classical elements."

-LA Times,
October 8, 2000


Pieces on the album include: Vivaldi's Il Pastor Fido; Fuga, Bach's St. Matthew Passion Suite, and original works by Daniel Schnyder. Click for purchasing information.
David Taylor, Concerto for Bass Trombone by Daniel Schnyder was produced in concert with the Absolut Ensemble ad Kristjan Jarvi. The album, a co-production between Swiss Television SF DRS and ENJA RECORDS, was initiated and supervised by Swiss-American composer and sax player Daniel Schnyder. Click for purchasing information.

Past Tells
was produced in 1993 and is, as pointed out in the liner notes, "not an album for the fainthearted, the straitlaced, or the stylistically correct. Bass trombonist David Taylor has drawn a multifaceted self-portrait from pieces he selected, inspired, or composed." Click for purchasing information.


Past Tells challenges the listener as much as it rewards the listener.

-Down Beat,
June, 1994

Musical artists who appear on Dave's album, include: Rolf Shulte, Louise Shulman, Gary Schneider, Jon Kass, Fred Sherry, Lindsey Horner, Gordon Gottlieb, Emily Mitchell, Jay Branford, Herb Robertson, Phil Haynes, Andy Laster, Marty Ehrlich, Paul Smoker, Mark Helias, and Ted Rosenthal. This CD was produced for the New World Records label. Selected works include: Moonrise With Memories (Rzewski), Remembrance (Liebman), Dagon II (Ewazen), and Duende Quidditas (Dlugoszewski).

Containing works by Rzewski, Liebman, Ewazen, and Dlugoszewski, David Taylor features Dave in this 1996 production. Selected works include: Moonrise With Memories (Rzewski), Remembrance (Liebman), Dagon II (Ewazen), and Duende Quidditas (Dlugoszewski). Click for purchasing information.


Featuring Dave and trombonist Jim Pugh, The Pugh-Taylor Project is the first joint venture by the two New York City based recording artists. Works include pieces written by John Clark, Ellington, Kirk Nurock, Bob Brookmeyer, Keith Foley, Bill Dobbins, and Ed Palermo.
The CD was produced on the DMP label. Click for purchasing information.


Archangel(for Bass Trombone and String Quartet) and Archaeopteryx (for Bass Trombone and 10 Players).
All works are written by Charles Wuorinen. The composer is a distinguished American artist. In 1970, Wuorinen became the youngest composer to win the Pulitzer Prize in music, the specific work
being Time's Encomium, an electronic composition written on commission from Nonesuch Records. The Pulitzer and the MacArthur Fellowship are just two among many awards, fellowships and other honors to have come his way. Click for purchasing information.
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