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The New York Times

“In performance, the trombone dominated, drawing attention to Mr. Taylor’s remarkable versatility…”

— David Allen


Unanswered Question

“The sheer virtuosity of Taylor’s command of Schubert acrobatic showpiece was never in doubt – he can play it, and beautifully. But Taylor’s virtuosity is divinely wed to an idiosyncratic musical personality wholly his own.”

— Joe Horowitz

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The New York Times

“That final work, performed by the trombonist-composer together with the pianist Ron Stabinsky, the double-bassist Moppa Elliott and the percussionist Kevin Shea, brimmed over with comic effects, flights of virtuosity and sultry melodies, some lifted from Catalan folk songs and the Yemenite Jewish liturgy.”

— Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim


Arts Journal

“In my experience, adding something more to Winterreise results in something less. I know of only one exception: the Schubert excursions of the bass trombonist David Taylor, himself sui generis.”

— Joe Horowitz


The American Scholar

“…jazz-inflected variants of the pieces performed by the bass trombonist David Taylor and the instrumentalists of the Post-Classical Ensemble—were what captured my imagination. Not in my wildest imaginings could I have envisioned such revelatory and shocking interpretations.”

— Sudip Bose